Age: 22
Born: Mexico City, Mexico
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 145
Rank: Corporal
Assign: Sniper
Unit: Rhino Squad

Cpl. Alejandro "Alex" Cortez of the Space Marine Corps was part of the second assault wave in the Stroggos Campaign. He was the sharpshooter of the elite Rhino Squad, and was stationed on the USS Hannibal.

Background Edit

Growing up on his family's ranch, Cortez took to guns while very young. His father still brags about how, at the age of 8, Alejandro could kill a jackrabbit from 150 yards out. After his sister was killed during the first Strogg attack on Earth, Cortez joined the Marine Corps determined to have his revenge. Extremely cool in a firefight, he had a way of getting to vantage points no one else could find. Silent as darkness and swift as the hand of death, Cortez was assigned to Rhino squad after he single-handedly defended a communications outpost armed only with a depleted pistol--14 rounds against 14 Strogg--and at the end of the fight he still had one round left.

Cortez was instrumental in Operation Last Hope, securing one of the Strogg communications lasers with Matthew Kane.

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