Marine ID: 3585
Unit: X-Ray Squad

One of the most celebrated heroes of the Stroggos Campaign.

Bitterman was part of the initial assault wave of Operation Alien Overlord. His pod was clipped by another pod on planetfall, disabling his navigational controls. As a result, he missed the designated landing zone, but survived and managed to penetrate the Strogg defences on his own. He was able to scout numerous enemy installations and finally even managed to kill the regnant Makron, thereby enabling the Terran forces to gain a first victory.

But this hero of the Strogg war may also be it´s most tragic victim. Eventually the Strogg managed to capture him to perform vile experiments on his body, transforming his flesh into something both far more and far less than human. Similar to Cpl. Matthew Kane, Bitterman retained his human consciousness despite the Stroggification procedures.

Because of his presence in Quake III Arena, Bitterman has, at some point, been abducted by the Vadrigar to fight in the Arena Eternal.

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