"You're toast if you get too close to one of these monstrosities."

"They float in the air, belch ball-lightning, and boast one Hell of a big mouth."

A common floating form of demon. Cacodemons are seen operating alone as well as in packs, and require heavy weaponry to kill.

Several types of the Cacodemon exist, including the Malwrath and the Wretched. The Pain Elementals also bear some similarities; some sort of evolutionary relation may be present, although the evolution of demons is still a largely unexplored field of study.

Another curious aspect of the biology of this species is their blood - while most members of the Cacodemon family have a blue substance running through their veins, others have been seen bleeding red. In terrestrial species such a variation in blood color is unheard of, which just further goes to show the completely alien nature of these beasts.

Exposed Brain Cacodemon Edit


This alternate type of Cacodemon has been observed on Mars. It has a significantly different morphology to the ordinary Cacodemon in several regards, the most noticable of which may be the exposed cranium and lack of horns.

Like others of its kind, this type of Cacodemon has shown remarkable ability to survive in wildly different environments, including the cold, tenuous atmosphere of Mars. This feat also makes it clear whatever force is keeping the Cacodemons aloft is not affected by radical variations in atmospheric composition to any noticable degree.

Additional images Edit

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