"Half unfeeling machine, half raging horned devil."

One of the most powerful demons known, the Cyberdemon is a giant bipedal horned creature with hooves, heavily modified with cybernetic implants of Hellish origin. These often include a leg replacement and most importantly, a high-powered rocket launcher capable of launching three missiles in quick succession.

Cyberdemons are rare, and are only seen in locations of major importance to the armies of Hell. They have also often been recorded as leading demonic invasion armies into our plane. It is thought only the Spider Masterminds, the Baphomets and other high-profile demons "outrank" these entities in the demonic hierarchy.

"A missile-launching skyscraper with goat legs. 'Nuff said."

Recorded Cyberdemon encounters Edit

Cyberdemon Lord of Deimos Edit

The first recorded Cyberdemon encounter, this cyberdemon had apparently assumed control of the lost Deimos base upon its disappearance into Hell. It is possible the Tower of Babel being constructed by demonic forces on the surface of the moon was supposed to be some sort of throne room or fortress for this entity.

"Perfect Hatred" Cyberdemon Edit

One of the first Cyberdemons seen on Earth.

"Gotcha" Cyberdemon Edit

Another Cyberdemon on Earth, this one is famous for having fought a rival Spider Mastermind and usually emerging as the winner.

Gatekeeper Guardian Edit


This "guardian" may have been a minion of the Gatekeeper, or alternatively a leader of a new demonic invasion force through the Gateway of Hell formed on Earth as a result of the failed Plutonia Experiment. The demon was defeated along with the Gatekeeper by a space marine who had managed to infiltrate the twisted hive.

Hell Hole Cyberdemon Edit


A gigantic beast around twice as high as most other cyberdemons, this monstrosity was seen guarding the underground Hell Hole portal on Mars. While it was equipped with a slightly less powerful rocket launcher, it seemed entirely invulnerable, capable of shrugging off even concentrated BFG blasts. The only weapon that could affect it was the mystical Soul Cube, left behind by an ancient Martian civilization.

Another notable aspect of this cyberdemon was its tail, absent in other recorded cyberdemons.

The Hell Hole Cyberdemon was described by the Soul Cube as "Hell's mightiest warrior."

Kronos' Cyberdemon Edit

According to hazy intel, this Cyberdemon was the creation of Kronos. It arrived on Mars through a Gateway to Hell just before the system was powered down by a lone space marine. It is one of the smallest cyberdemons recorded.

"Watch Your Step" Cyberdemon Edit


This Cyberdemon was seen in Hell. It is a typical member of its species.

Additional images Edit

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