Age: 24
Born: Toronto, Canada
Height: 6' 1
Weight: 175
Assign: Communications
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: Rhino Squad

Morris was one of the space marines sent to Stroggos.

Background Edit

Corporal Dell Morris had been with Rhino squad for more than three years, which made him second in seniority only to Sergeant Bidwell. He was highly skilled at hand-to-hand combat, having achieved black belts in tae kwon do, jeet kune do, and aikido.

Gifted with a quick wit and boundless energy, Morris liked nothing better than to give a running commentary as he mows down Strogg. While his chatter could be a bit trying on his squadmates, Morris was a complete professional in a firefight. The team came to look to him for guidance when the lieutenant or master sergeant weren't around.

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