The Delta Labs, also known as the Delta Complex, were the most advanced research facility on Mars.

The Operational Director of the facility was Robert Price.

Sections Edit

Sector 1 Edit

Delta 1

Sector 1 contained the power systems, energy core distribution center, and serviced the administrative functions of the entire Delta Complex.

  • Entry (Monorail Access)
  • Systems Control
  • Main Lobby (CPU Complex Access, Sector 2 Access)
  • Access Lobby
  • Authority
  • Authority Archives
  • Service Warehouse
  • Reactor Support
  • Reactor Room

Sector 2 Edit

Sector 2 South contained the Matter Transfer division focusing on human experimentation and other biological testing. The prototype transfer platform was contained in the upper research hall. Teleporter distance was limited, serving only to test biological effects of matter transference.

  • Records Office
  • Operations

Sector 2 North contained the Biological Research division (BRD), focusing on studying various specimen from matter transfer tests. All specimen were catalogued and stored locally.

  • Data Control Terminal
  • Common Area
  • Specimen Test Lab
  • Research Control
  • Stasis Chambers

Sector 3 Edit

Sector 3 contained the second generation transfer platforms, able to teleport variable distances to small portable receiving platforms. All access was under security observation.

  • Bio Labs
  • Security Office

Sector 4 Edit

Delta Labs Sector 4 housed the third generation transfer portal. All teleporter destination research was classified. Only top level personnel had access to the central control room and activation grid for the primary test chamber.

  • Teleporter Access
  • Control Bank
  • Staging Area

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