Basic Overview Edit

Demonic possession is the method by which demons take control over a living being, but the exact details of how such a thing functions is complicated. Some say that the possessed are taken over by a (possibly synthetic) virus originating from the demon's home world that pumps the body full of adrenalines and cause the victim to go into a berserk state. Other believe that a demonic force takes over the victim's nervous system, killing the host in the process, and does what it wants with the hosts body.

Regardless of how it functions, the possession is obviously exceptionally painful but also gives the victim increased strength. One example is a quite overweight zombie encountered by a marine on Mars-city. Although being extremely overweight, the zombie was fully capable of holding his own against a fully trained marine in a fight.

Some people have been able to overcome the process possession, and fully reap the advantages of having been possessed. Dr. Malcolm Betruger managed to harness the demon that possessed him and even brought a sergeant back to life to combat the marine making his way through Mars-city.

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