Demons attacking UAC spaceport

Aerial view of demons attacking UAC spaceport

"They have no pity, no mercy, take no quarter, and crave none. They're the perfect enemy, in a way."

- Unknown marine, Jan 23, 2132.

Demons are any form of extra-dimensional life originating from Hell. They appear to be carbon based life forms, with extremely high heat tolerances. Their epidermal tissue is very resilient to abrasion or incision, which has caused slight complications of internal studies. Observational studies have shown incredible strength and agility, as well as the ability for some specimens to manifest and control cohesive plasma masses. The method by which these plasma masses are created is vaguely understood, but no useable data has been acquired.

It is believed these creatures possess a rudimentary intelligence and social structure.

For a listing of known demons, see Category:Demons.

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