"That place is the lowest and the darkest and the farthest from all-encircling heaven." - Inferno, Canto IX

A walled city in the heart of Hell, Dis held the throne of one of the most powerful demons recorded - the Spider Mastermind. It is believed the demonic invasions of Phobos and Deimos started here, hatched in the twisted mind of this loathsome creature. The Spider Demon's throne room was also the location of a dimensional doorway to Earth, which seems to indicate it was one of the sites in Hell used to launch the Earth-Hell War.

Dante's description of Dis Edit

"Master," I said, "already I can discern the mosques in the valley, blazing red, as if they'd all begun to burn." - Inferno, Canto VIII, 70-72

According to Dante in the Divine Comedy, the city of Dis is located in the lower levels of Hell and is surrounded by the river Styx. It contains circles 6 through 9, where the sinners who have committed the worst atrocities are punished. Details of the city and its surroundings in Inferno 8 and 9 include moats, watch towers, high walls, and a well defended entrance guarded by more than a thousand angry spirits, suggesting a citizenry ready for battle.

"The eternal fire diffuses a glow," he said, "Reddening, as you've noticed, that entire city, Coloring the whole lower Inferno of the dead." - Inferno, Canto VIII, 73-75

Map of the Mastermind's Lair Edit


Additional images Edit

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