The Elemental Phase Deconstructor (EPD) is a device for destabilizing the atomic structure of an existing molecule and separating it into subatomic particles which are then siphoned off to create new elements and molecules. Developed by the Union Aerospace Corporation at their Alpha Labs on Mars, the EPD was inititally designed to convert naturally occuring iron oxides (FE2O3) into air, water and hydrogen fuel for terraforming purposes. According to a UAC promotional material, the EPD could be further refined to manufacture all kinds of molecules, including petrochemicals and nutrition.

Mechanism Edit

The EPD functions by firing a high-energy beam into a "collection chamber". The nature of the beam is unclear, as it is described both as a laser and a particle beam. The visible component of the beam does not resemble a laser, but this can perhaps be expected; it is possible the beam is some type of a laser/particle beam hybrid.

The Collection Chamber is presumably where subatomic particles are diverted to once the target matter's atomic structure has been destabilized. Some components of this system include over 14 "collection cones" and more than 5 "trays".

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