I.D. Number: 51 45-84

An employee of the Union Aerospace Corporation, Dr. Elizabeth A. McNeil is an expert on the ancient civilization of Mars.

Work Edit

McNeil used to work on Mars as a Research Director at the archeological dig Site 1 and the Delta Labs before transferring back to Earth. Her post was on Level 2 of the Delta Labs.

McNeil was aware of the unstable character of Malcolm Betruger and was the one to file the October 2145 report to Elliot Swann that got him to investigate the Mars facility personally.

After the demonic invasion, which was officially classified as a "massive mechanical failure" by UAC, Dr. McNeil returned to Mars to reopen Site 1 and continue the research on the ancient civilization in 2146. Her work was interrupted in 2147] however, as the Maledict began another demonic invasion.

Relations Edit

McNeil was friends with weapon analyst Theresa Chasar.

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