Level 1: Excavation Edit

  • Excavation Transfer Lift: Connects to the lower Erebus Dig Site.
  • Levitation Site Gamma
  • The Proving Grounds
  • Main Excavation
  • Excavation Systems
  • Artifact Storage: Located just past the ancient caverns, the Artifact Storage facility is a depository for the wide variety of objects discovered within Site 1. Seismic activity is prevalent in the area, so the storage facility is protected using patented UAC shock reduction technology.

Level 2: Medical Labs Edit

  • X-Ray Laboratory
  • Medical Ward
  • Bio Facility
  • Lab Administration

Level 4: Erebus Control Edit

The Erebus Complex has the capability to process ore retrieved from the deep Martian caverns. Experimental UAC machinery has been developed in order to process and handle the highly radioactive natural resources.

  • Artifact Processing
  • Debris Processing

Level 5: Erebus Research Edit

In 2147, various ancient fragments found within Site 1 were carefully studied by Dr. Cloud and his team of researchers within the Erebus Complex. Here, within Artifact Research, they strived to decipher the ancient remains.

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