Technical Overview Edit

Caliber: 7.92 mm (Saboted light armor piercing rounds required for proper feed)

Operation: Electrically operated, locked breech system with six barrels and bolts; rotating bolt heads with dual locking surfaces.

Feed Mechanism: Gear driven feeder/delinker with two piece hinged hatch with standard GFMG disintegrating links.

Cyclic Rate: 2,000 RPM.

Operational Specifics Edit

The SP VG MK2 Venom Gun is electrically operated and utilizes a locking breech system with six barrels and six bolts. The barrels rotate counter clockwise and fire in turn when they reach the 12 o'clock position. The breach mechanism features a rotating bolt head with two locking surfaces (similar to MG34 GFMG).

The subassembly features a helical tang on the bolt head which mates with a helical groove on bolt body. Rotation into the battery is clockwise with the belt rotating around the firing pin holding entire bolt assembly together.

The bolt head itself locks into recesses in the rotor (the main structural component of the gun) while the barrel interfaces with the front of the rotor.

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