Guards are processed humans assigned to patrol the various facilities on Stroggos. They are among the weakest types of stroggified human and can be equipped with a broad variety of weapons. The gun prosthetic is attached to the partially amputated right forearm. Guards wear lightly armored uniforms and helmets with opaque visors. Squads are usually led by an Enforcer. Despite being comparatively weak, Guards are programmed to be determined fighters who usually try to keep firing at opponents even when deadly wounded.

The most common Guard types are listed below.

Light Guard Edit

Weakest Guard type, armed solely with a simple Blaster. Uniform colors: orange and grey. Although their weapons may only sting, they may attack in packs or summon help from more powerful Strogg warriors.

Shotgun Guard Edit

Equipped with an automatic scatter gun prosthetic. Uniform colors: green camouflage. These Guards can be a real nuisance, especially when they are positioned higher than you. The shotgun is a good weapon to take them down.

Machine-gun Guard Edit

The Machine Gun Guard is another variation of the Guard cyborg, equipped with a machine gun arm replacement. Uniform colors: brown and dark grey. He tends to charge in droves and has a sharp eye. If you're good at strafing and jumping then this Guard type shouldn't create any problems for you, but he can be dangerous when attacking in great numbers.

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