An extra dimensional location seperate from our dimension, this local can only be described as Hell. Populated by creatures collectively refered to as "demons", Hell is a strange, nightmarish place where human life can barely survive.

Many individuals have reported a lack of fatigue in Hell, and some worked constantly without the need for rest. One of the UAC researcher teams called it "the Hercules Complex."

When teleporting to and from Hell, the loss of all equipment including weaponry sometimes occurs, which further complicates the investigation of this location considering its inherent in hospitability.

Research Edit

Research into what exactly Hell IS has not been able to identify whether Hell is an extra dimensional planet, an alternate universe, or some thing entirely different. Research does, how ever suggest that Hell has a much larger area of land mass that Earth, but at the same time similair gravity to Earth.

It has been theorized that the demons were a primitive civilization before contact was made with them, in which they seemingly stole advanced UAC technology and augmented themselves with it. This theory is the most commonly used theory to explain the various anachronisms relating to demon technology.

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