The Helltime Hunter is the first of the Hell Hunters. It looks like a hovering Hell Knight without legs, and can move from one part of the area to another incredibly quickly. The Helltime Hunter creates an orange sphere in front of him and then moves really really fast, appearing as if it "beams" from place to place; stripes will appear to announce its direction. He attacks with fireballs that do as much damage as an Imp's, but can also attack enemies with its big claws as well. The lower part of its body is surrounded by fireballs and seems to be burned.

After being tasked by the Maledict to hunt the Artifact, the Helltime Hunter is the first of the Hunters who confronts space marine 4211 x-17. The marine encountered the Hunter in front of a hell portal near the excavations at the Erebus Dig Site.

The Helltime Hunter was defeated by 4211 x-17 who used the Grabber device to catch plasma projectiles launched from Martian defense turrets and sent them back to the Hunter itself.

After the Helltime Hunter was killed, 4211's Artifact was infused with the Helltime ability and became usable.

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