The goal of this project is to create a comprehensive study of events, characters and phenomenon in the "id Universe" - all FPS games developed by id Software, including all installations of the Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake series. While there are already several id-game related wikis, such as DoomWiki and QuakeWiki, these are fundamentally different in two aspects.

First, they do not treat the games as parts of a larger world, but instead concentrate on each individual game as a separate world of its own; The Id Atlas on the other hand treats each game as taking place in the same continuum, or "universe". Furthermore, the Atlas does not include information on fan-made add-ons and extra levels that are not part of the official storyline of the games.

Second, other wikis on this subject are not written from an in-universe perspective, and contain little information on the actual game worlds. More accurately, they treat the games as just that; video games in the real world. While this approach serves a useful purpose, it limits the authors from studying the rich mythology of the games thoroughly, as all articles must be written from a "real" point of view. The Atlas, conversely, attempts to describe events, locations and characters of the games as someone in the game would see it, that is, as if they were real.

As information on the game worlds is limited to the brief glimpse the player sees during gameplay, further speculation is encouraged and, indeed, necessary, but should be clearly marked as such.

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