"They heave balls o' fire down your throat and take several bullets to die. It's time to find a weapon better than that pistol if you're going to face more than one of these S.O.B.s."

The Imp is a common type of demon seen during almost all demonic invasions of our plane. This humanoid's long and muscular limbs make it extremely agile as a biped or quadruped. Its long and sharp claws allow for climbing steep surfaces.

Several types of the common Imp demon have been recorded. These include the Impling, the Imp Lord, as well as the Nightmare Imp. In addition to this, a separate type of Imp with a configuration of ten eyes has been observed, as well as a mouthless imp type.

Imps are known for their ability to manifest and throw explosive plasma projectiles or "fireballs" from their hands, seemingly producing them out of thin air. Research on the mechanisms behind this remarkable ability has not been fruitful as of yet.

The Imps are considered one of the lowest forms in the Hellish hierarchy, and have been considered by some to be the "drones" of the demonic society.

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