The Ionized Plasma Levitator (IPL), also known as the Grabber, is an experimental power tool created by the UAC Advanced Tool Department around 2146. Building on field containment experiments in the Delta Labs, and the energy production capabilities of the EnPro Plant, the prototype Ionized Plasma Levitator was designed to transport hazardous materials without physical contact. By creating a controlled electromagnetically charged plasma stream, the IPL unit is able to act upon physical objects of light density and transport them between short distances.

Initial tests have shown that the IPL unit is also able to act upon charged energy masses, which is vital to modern experiments and manipulating new potential energy sources. With further research and development, uses for this technology would include heavy lifting, and the ability to create tractor beams, thereby making low gravity docking procedures much safer for pilots.

Mixom Corporation also seems to have participated in the IPL production, as the company logo is displayed on the side of the unit.

It is possible the levitation technology originally comes from UAC research of the ancient civilization on Mars, as the ruins they left behind display similar levitation techniques.

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