The Lightning Gun is a Strogg weapon reminiscent of the Slipgate Thunderbolt. The Lightning Gun functions similarly to a flamethrower, although it is a more precise weapon. Powered by battery cells, the Lightning Gun projects a solid beam of contained electricity at the target, electrocuting the intended victim. Short bursts from the weapon seem to produce little more than a brief shock effect, but due to the nature of the weapon, saturation is easy to achieve and far more effective than any type of controlled firing. Simply put, the longer the beam is held on the target, the more quickly their body is overcome with electricity. The stream of electricity can easily be swept around rooms, allowing multiple targets to be attacked with relative ease.

Vadrigar variant Edit

The Vadrigar have produced an almost identical version of the Lightning Gun for the Arena Eternal. It is the fastest firing gun in the Arena, but has a limited range. Contact over a perioud of time causes intense pain, regardless of armour, and enough time can kill.

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