It makes its debut in Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. This semi-automatic rifle was used during World War II by American Engineers and Covert Ops. It has 8 bullets in clip. It's effective up to medium distance because a significant spread of bullets makes it difficult to use at great distances. It cant be reloaded in mid-clip. It does more damage than MP40 or M1A1 sub-machinegun.

Engineer variantEdit

M1 m7
It comes with muzzle-attached M7 grenade launcher which hurls fragmentation grenades at great distances. Lunched grenade travels in arc so, to hit the target shooter must take into account angle and distance. The grenade itself does high damage. Grenade detonates on impact if target was far but if it hits closer target, it can bounce off few times before explosion.

Covert Ops variantEdit

M1 scoped
It comes with attached silencer and scope. This variant is used for precise and stealthy kills. When unscoped it behaves just like Engineer variant in terms of fire rate, damage and range.

While scoped, it can kill a Medic (156hp) in two headshots, so its damage rises greatly. It cant be fired while moving and after each shot, crosshair goes up beacuse of recoil.


  • M1 was supposed to be a usable weapon in Return To Castle Wolfenstein but was replaced by Mauser for unknown reason.

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