MG-88 Enforcer Edit

Main article: MG-88 Enforcer

Used by early space marines and UAC personnel, the MG-88 Enforcer has a big clip size, high rate of fire, and great accuracy. It was useful against most demons up to the Cacodemon and proved especially useful against the Lost Soul at the time of the demonic invasion of Mars. The clip of the weapon held 60 rounds.

TCM Machine Gun Edit


This weapon was issued to space marines at the time of the Stroggos Campaign. Although this weapon is easy to use, its light weight allows for considerable kickback that will push your gun up. Fire in short bursts until you can effectively steady your aim.

Strogg Machine Gun Edit

Used by the Machine Gun Guards, this Strogg machine gun was grafted directly into the soldier's arm. It was relatively weak and inaccurate.

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