Also known as Mars Research Facility One, Mars City served as the central hub for all scientific research, archeological study, and military operations. It also housed one of the few, if not the only spaceport on Mars.

Marine HQ Edit

Also known as Marine Command, the Marine HQ was the nerve center of the space marine presence on Mars. Sgt. Kelly was the commanding officer in charge of this area of the base.

The HQ was protected by Sentry Bots as well as an ADS weapons system.

Mars City Underground Edit

The Mars City sublevel was one of the first multi-purpose installations built on Mars. Housing storage, environmental systems, localized energy production, communications arrays, and rudimentary research systems, the aging facility is vital to keeping Mars City operational.

The area was referred to as "the Dungeon" by Marsec personnel, and was said to be "one of the most unexciting places on Mars".

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