Age: 23
Born: Lunar Colony, New Hope
Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 180
Rank: Corporal
Assign: Scout
Unit: Rhino Squad

Cpl. Matthew Kane of the Space Marine Corps was part of the second assault wave in the Stroggos Campaign and an elite member of the Rhino Squad.

Background Edit

Above all else, Corporal Matthew Kane was a survivor. He was involved with the disaster on Space Station Armstrong and was the only one to emerge alive. But exactly what happened there may never be known -- he was under the strictest orders to remain silent.

After several months of recuperation, Kane was assigned to Rhino squad. This was due to Lieutenant Scott Voss, who saw Kane's potential to be a truly valuable asset to the team. However, the squad knew him only from his mysterious reputation. They didn't trust him at first, and they believed he might be too much of a loose cannon. Yet with their mission on Stroggos, they quickly found out just what Matthew Kane was capable of.

Stroggos Campaign Edit

After an epic battle, and thanks to the work of him and the rest of Rhino Squad, the fleet was finally able to secure an LZ for the massive command ship, USS Hannibal.

Stroggification Edit

Kane strogg

Kane after stroggification.

During a failed behind-the-lines attack on the Strogg Nexus Hub, Kane was captured by the new Makron for stroggification. In a horrific and gruesome procedure, his body was cut and fused with metal, wires, and circuitry. However, a squad of marines was able to rescue him slightly prior to the activation of the neurocyte brain implant, allowing him to retain his human consciousness.

Though he was not "connected" to the Strogg collective, the other modifications to his body allowed him to manipulate and interface with the Strogg world in ways that no human has ever been able to before. Realizing this new advantage, the Marines mounted a massive offensive to shut down "The Nexus" (the Strogg collective) known as Operation Last Hope, and Kane was the key to accessing these previously impenetrable defenses and locations.

Eventually, Kane and his squad mates disabled the Strogg defensive systems, brought The Nexus offline, and ultimately destroyed The Makron.