Mixom Corporation is a 22nd century corporate entity, providing tools and equipment for off-world colonies around the Solar system.

Involvement on Mars Edit

The Mixom Corporation was heavily involved in providing technology and equipment for the Union Aerospace Corporation's base on Mars.

One rather unfortunate mistake led to them shipping several crates of Beavertooth chainsaws to Mars instead of the requisitioned jackhammers, with messy results.

Mixom may have also been involved in prototype teleportation technology development with the UAC, developing a portable teleportation pad prototype for the UAC's matter transportation experiments. However, it is possible they did not know the real nature of the technology, or that the UAC simply reused existing Mixom technology for a new purpose in the pads. Similarly, the prototype UAC Ionized Plasma Levitator displays the Mixom logo.

Lawsuits Edit

Mixom was a holder of several pressure seal patents used in space equipment and off-world colonies. The company sued its rival Moxim Corporation in 2145, claiming they were infringing upon their intellectual property. Moxim proceeded to file a counter-suit.

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