Age: 25
Born: St. Petersburg, Russia
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 240
Assign: Heavy Weapons
Rank: Lance Corporal
Unit: Rhino Squad

Lance Corporal Nikolai "Sledge" Sledjonovitch of the Space Marine Corps was part of the second assault wave in the Stroggos Campaign. He was a member of the elite Rhino Squad, stationed on the USS Hannibal.

He was instrumental during Operation Last Hope, securing one of the Strogg towers with Matthew Kane.

Background Edit

The son of a former Russian Olympic weightlifter, Nikolai was raised on a farm where he spent most of his childhood doing intense physical labor. He eventually grew to dwarf even his father's huge physique. While his family had expected him to go to college to study chemical engineering, Nikolai surprised everyone by choosing to join the Marine Corps. After his first two days in boot camp, he was given the nickname “Sledge"--a moniker that has stuck with him ever since. Soft-spoken and a man of few words, Sledge was a welcome addition to Rhino squad. He could easily handle equipment that would normally take two men to lift. His strength had become the stuff of legend--Sledge was the only human who had fought a Strogg hand-to-hand and won. Admittedly, he required three weeks in a hospital afterward.

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