the outer courts are hidden with in a mountion range on stroggos. it is in the strogg city of cebroun.

the outer courts are the entrey way to the makrons palace.

when you would arrive you would first see 2 very large metal doors that are controled on top of it.

there is a trap door on the bridge that you would need to take to get to the doors.

to open the door you must find a small pathway on the sides of the cliffs it will lead you to the activation button,but remeber your on top of a huge wall so do not fall. once you open the door you will be attaked by a couple of strogg tanks on the way narrow passage throw the door. once you get to the other side there is a large structur that resembals a large church

go throw the door (are all ready open) and proceed down carpeted hall. do not take any side turns for you may end up getting lost. walk up the few flights of concret stairs and activeate the door.

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