A railgun is a form of gun that converts electrical energy (rather than the more conventional chemical energy from an explosive propellant) into projectile kinetic energy. Rail guns use magnetic force to drive a projectile. Unlike gas pressure guns, rail guns are not limited by the speed of sound in a compressed gas, so they are capable of accelerating projectiles to extremely high speeds (many kilometers per second).

Types of railguns Edit

Strogg railgun (Quake 2)Edit


The Rail Gun fires depleted uranium slugs at super high velocities.

"Take note of the distinctive blue corkscrew trail of smoke caused by the projectile – or better yet, see how many scumbag Stroggs it goes through before it hits concrete." - Operation Alien Overlord Intel Brief.
Vadrigar railgun

Vadrigar railgun Edit

A type of railgun used by Warriors of the Arena Eternal, possibly developed by the elusive Vadrigar. Firing rate of 1500 msec a shot. This makes the railgun an extremely effective sniper weapon, if one has a suffeciently safeguarded position, as a single railgun round usually has the pressure suffecient to tear humanoids limb from limb on impact (and also seems to be able to effectively kill supernatural beings, such as vampires). However, the Railgun's low rate of fire make it woefully ineffecient for close combat.

Strogg railguns Edit

Strogg railgun

Despite the brutal design and implementation of some of the Strogg weaponry, the Rail Gun is proof that these beings are possessed of very impressive technology. The Strogg employ various types of railguns, ranging from heavy shoulder-mounted units to handheld versions.

During the Strogg invasion of Earth, Infiltrators used railguns as a long-range weapon equivalent to a sniper rifle.

On Stroggos, some Gladiators have heavy railguns fused into their shoulders. The Makron also had one for a "head".

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