The Scientist (also refered to as the "Doctor" or "Physician") is a type of Strogg that spends it's time disecting and experimenting on captured humans, as well as performing menial tasks around Stroggos Medical Facilities. The Scientist, although able to attack any intruders it encounters, is not designed for combat unlike the rest of the Strogg classes. The Scientist's main purpose is scientific advancement in way of increasing the strength of the Strogg Military, identifying the characteristics of the target species (including whether it can undergo Stroggification), and developing new methods of Stroggification.

The Strogg Scientist has a small body attached to a large hover device that allows it to levitate. On its torso it has a normal human-like arm, a needle arm for injecting its subjects, a saw arm for laceration, and a "machete" arm for chopping. In combat, it uses all 4 arms for melee attacks and has the ability to direct lethal gas grenades at its enemy from a distance. The gas grenades distort the enemy's field of view and often leaves them struggling to see clearly while the Scientist has time to approach for a melee attack.

Jeremiah Anderson, the medic for Rhino Squad, was ambushed and killed by a Scientist.

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