Site 1 was one of the Union Aerospace Corporation archeological excavations on Mars.

The archeological project was led by Dr. Elizabeth McNeil.

Around November 15th, 2145, the UAC terminated all research at Site 1.

In 2146, McNeil returned to the excavation site to continue research.

Facilities Edit

Site 1 is comprised of two major facilities, the Erebus Complex and Phobos Labs. Monorails leave from Erebus Station to Phobos - Sector 1 at regularly scheduled intervals.

Erebus Complex Edit

Erebus Dig Site Edit

This excavation site was the focal point of the archeological dig at Site 1. Here, deep inside the surface of Mars, several alien caves and artifacts were located.

Erebus Labs Edit

Erebus Control Edit

The Erebus Complex has the capability to process ore retrieved from the deep Martian caverns. Experimental UAC machinery has been developed in order to process and handle the highly radioactive natural resources.

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