The Soul Cube, also referred to by the UAC as Artifact U1, was a mysterious object left behind by the ancient civilization that used to exist on Mars.

The Soul Cube was located on Mars in 2104 in a geographic region where UAC researchers unearthed evidence of the long lost civilization.

Efforts to examine the Soul Cube were futile. All mass spectrometer and radiation scanning methods failed to provide reliable indetification of the molecular makeup of the object. The object could not be weighed and in all tests the UAC was unable to determine its mass. All attempts to physically manipulate or open the artifact were met with no success.

The thermographic readings from the object are constant - Unwavering temperature of 98.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

In 2145, the Soul Cube was still undergoing research on Mars at the UAC's Delta Labs. Researcher Larry Bullman first suspected it might be some type of an ancient weapon, later confirmed by Ian McCormick who managed to analyze and decipher the glyphs on the device with the base's lingustics computer.

According to McCormick, "The Soul Cube is by every definition a weapon," built to repel whatever type of creatures invaded the civilization on Mars.

Mechanism Edit

During a battle the cube gains power with each life the wielder takes, "charging" itself. The souls within it must sense at least five deaths before the "spiritual potentiality matrix" reaches "positronic astriction". When it is fully charged it can be used to slay even the strongest of creatures. Even more impressive is that when it kills a creature it transfers that creature's life force back to who is using the cube!

I know this sounds like magic and I have not been able to activate it to prove the theory but this is what the glyphs illustrate.
The glyphs specifically point out that you must kill five creatures before it becomes charged and then amazingly it will tell you it is ready. It is almost like a sentient being; this object is a fantastic find.
- Ian McCormick, UAC Delta Labs

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