Homeworld of the Strogg civilization, located in the Stroggos system an unspecified amount of light years away from Sol.

Geography Edit

The core of the Stroggos civilization is the capital city of Cerberon. The highly defended complex is built into the base of an enormous crater named Crater Majoris. Between the northern plains and the southern sea of Stroggos, Cerberon contains the major defense, communication, and political controls for the Strogg civilization. At the southern tip of Majoris is a second crater called Crater Minor. Crater Minor contains the defense base complex for the city of Cerberon.

Political Structure Edit

The Strogg civilization is governed through a system of Warlords. Each is given strategic locations to command and control. A single leader, called the Makron, is chosen from the Warlords. He commands Stroggos from within the palace city located at the northern end of Cerberon. The loss of this leader was predicted by human military analysts to leave the Strogg confused and in turmoil as the Warlords battle internally to determine a successor. This would then remove any chance Stroggos has for creating a well-organized strike or defensive position. Operation Alien Overlord was initiated based on this assumption, which later proved to be not entirely true.

Defense Systems Edit

Guarding Stroggos is a defense system referred to as the Big Gun. This defense system detects and destroys any ship over a few meters in length. Also, to protect against ground assaults, a deadly laser security grid surrounds the entire capital city.

Energy Resources Edit

Bluish crystals called Steedium are the source for most of the energy that powers Stroggos. The energy gained from processing these crystals provides them with the power to run their entire civilization as well as their planetary defense weapons systems (a.k.a. the Big Gun).

Environmental Hazards Edit

Explosions: Found all through the city are explosive radioactive containers. Stay clear of them in a fire fight or you’ll end up in 46 little body bags. They’re light enough to move, and short enough to jump on. Their explosive power can blow through weak areas in walls.

Water: The water on Stroggos is safe enough to enter without needing an enviro-suit, but remember to come up for air periodically. Be careful of water currents.

Slime: All over Stroggos are pools of toxic waste from their refineries. This slime eats away at your flesh unless protected by an enviro-suit.

Lava: Stroggos has large amounts of volcanic activity. Don’t go anywhere near lava unless it is absolutely necessary. An enviro-suit won't help you much.

Traps: We know very little about the internal defense systems on Stroggos. Given their warlike nature and the importance of Cerberon to the Strogg, expect the environment to be deadly.

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