Teleportation, also known as matter transference

Demonic teleportation Edit

When teleporting to and from Hell, the loss off all equipment including weapons sometimes occurs, which further complicates the investigation of this extradimensional planet/universe considering its inherent inhospitability.

Valuable sacrificial pointers Edit

Pointers to remember when opening sacrificial portals. When opening sacrificial portals, it is important to remember:

  • Virgin blood is best
  • Goat blood must be no older than 3 days
  • Entrails must be removed and apportioned either before death, or no later than 30 min
  • Candles must be sorted by tallest in back to shortest in front - never the other way around!

Most important - pentagrams must be drawn from the center to the outside and left to right.

Strogg teleportation Edit

Vadrigar teleportation Edit

The Vadrigar, being the most advanced race in the Quake universe, have developed numerous methods of teleportation. They have two types of portals, visual (which manifest as a screen which shows what happens at the exit) and non-visual (Swirling collumns of energy), both of which achieve the same effect of transporting matter (most likely through a micro-wormhole) to a specific location (though some non-visual portals can bring people to different locations depending on where they are entered)

Personal Teleportational Devices also appear to exist, and operate by folding space around the user, transporting them to a random spawn point on the map.

Vadrigar respawning devices (which are assumably set in every arena) seem to function the same as their teleportational technology (and have the same ring effect). They seem to operate by copying the mind of a recently slain warrior, and recreating a new body for it.

Vadrigar teleportation seems to have an unsavoury side effect (which may or may not have been put in on purpose). If another entity is present on the exit point of any of the above mentioned devices, it will be slain messily as a micro-wormhole opening tears the space it occupies apart.

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