A type of demon, somewhat similar to the Imp, but with superior strength and agility. They emit a high-pitched squeal before attacking, hitting and throwing plasma masses. Most of the time they prefer to stay in the shadows, stalking their prey.

The Vulgar have only two eyes that have an orange glow. They are slightly shorter and have a monkey-like frame instead of human. Due to this, they move on all four legs but will sometimes stand up on their hind legs when angered. Unlike the Imp, they support a long tail, their bellies have small insect-like limbs attached to them and their lower jaw is designed like an insect's mouth parts. They also differ from the imp because they have plasmaballs instead of fireballs. Their plasmaball attack is comparable to the Hell Knight's version, though it is significantly weaker - even weaker than the imp's fireball, though Vulgars take much less time to aim their plasma balls before throwing them. The other attacks consist of leaps and claw slashing. They have a mechanical-like growl that they emit in each attack and are capable of crawling on walls and other surfaces. Also, unlike other monsters, its spawning cloud is cyan rather than orange.

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